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Odyssey provides customized services to meet the individualized project needs of every client. We are able to furnish a simple lease check to a complete pre-drill land package. No project is too small or too complex for our team of experienced Petroleum Land Professionals.


Lease Checks

HBP Checks

Mineral Title

Lease Negotiations

Land File Management


Drill Site Runsheeet Abstracting

Odyssey's ROW Agents are experienced in acquiring easements and other real property for both Petroleum companies and public utilities.  We have served as the Public Affairs liaison in Community meetings as well as City and County government meetings.  We are also able to provide direction and support with environmental issues.

Surface Ownership Title

Right of Way Acquisition

Surface Damage Negotiations

Public Affairs Liaison

Environmental Support

Route Development

Provide Metes and Bounds to Surveyors

Odyssey's Surface Negotiators are prepared to acquire surface locations for all of your special projects and offer a full line of support throughout the negotiation and permitting phases.

Surface Ownership and Title

Site Selection and Acquisition

Environmental Support

Water Rights

Public Affairs Liason

Odyssey's team of experienced Surface Landmen have the ability to determine surface ownership, negotiate acceptable terms and acquire the surface rights for the successful completion of your project.

Surface Title

Pad Site Acquisitions

Water Rights Acquisition

Easement and ROW Acquisition

Environmental Support

Surface Damage Negotiations

Provide Metes and Bounds to Surveyors

Odyssey's ArcGIS mappers will supply you with a series of maps of your ongoing project providing you with a high level view of the progress being made as well as being able to meet any of your other professional mapping needs.

Lease Check Maps

Lease Expiration Maps

Project Working Maps

Acquisition Maps

Pipeline Maps

Gap Analysis Maps

GIS and Aerial Maps

Well and Unit Location Production Maps

Whether your company is preparing to sell or acquire an asset, Odyssey has the experience to help you organize for and help facilitate the process.  Acquisitions and Divestitures are time sensitive projects.

Our team understands the importance of meeting deadlines and getting the details correct.






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